***Accepting Video Submissions for Male and Female Vocalists***


Seeking soulful Male and Female vocalists for upcoming Christmas Concert. Singers must have strong stage presence and be comfortable with self learning to digital tracks.

Cast: 6 Principal Vocalists (3M and 3F) All singers will headline their own set. Singers may be responsible for soloing up to 4 songs. You will only need to be responsible for singing lead on the songs assigned. Singers will NOT be responsible for background vocals at this time.
Male 1 (Range: Tenor) - Soulful Jazz vocal style, Stevie Wonder vocal type.
Male 2 (Range: Tenor) - Gritty and Soulful vocal style, James Brown, Wilson Pickett vocal type.
Male 3 (Range: Bari Tenor) - Very smooth soulful tone, Luther Vandross vocal type.
Female 1 (Range: Soprano) - Bright, Soulful Tone, Mariah Carey vocal type.
Female 2 (Range: Mezzo Soprano) - Soulful belt with strong head voice, Whitney Houston vocal type.
Female 3 (Range: Alto) - Soulful smooth voice with strong midrange, Mary J Blige vocal type
Rehearsals: Songs assigned to principal vocalists will need to be learned and rehearsed on your own time. Singers may be required to attend up to two virtual rehearsals, and up to two in person rehearsals prior to the day of the show. 
Compensation: $200 Flat Rate (Includes rehearsals and performance)
Audition Materials: Principal vocalists must submit a video audition singing one of the PRE-SELECTED materials at the link below. Acappella submissions will not be accepted.
  • Introduce yourself. Please state your name, and what you will be singing. 
  • You do not have to impersonate the original artist. We want to see your style and interpretation of the selection.
  • Please upload your audition video to a video hosting site (Youtube, Vimeo, Etc), set the video privacy to "unlisted," and e-mail the video link to " Resume and Headshot are encouraged, but not required.
  • Show your range and have fun!
**Further callback material may be requested from selected candidates.***
VIDEO SUBMISSION DEADLINE: November 11th, 2020 11:59pm. Late submissions will NOT be accepted.
Show Details
Date: 12/20
Time: 7p 
Location: Marshall Ellis Theatre (1300 La Quinta Dr. #3, Orlando, FL 32809)
ALERT: We are allowing a limited audience of 40 people. Social Distance, Masks Required, and Temperature Checks. This event will also be streamed at a later date!
DGBEK Studios: 4677 L B McLeod Rd suite i, Orlando, FL 32811
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